cotton wool roll manufacturer

ask a quotation : Cleansing cotton round pad

Using:for make-up cleansing and nail cleaning

Shape: round and sewn all around (seal edge)

Material: 100% natural cotton (if you have Bio cotton, please let me know); can be used both sides; white color

– leave no fibers on the skin

– without any fluorescent and bleaching agent and not irritate to skin

Diameter: 5.5-6cm (your standard)

Weight gsm: your standard please precise in the quotation

70pcs/bag and 12 bags/carton

with our label,3 colors printing on the bag

Quantity: MOQ

Please precise the delivery time and the payment condition.

Please precise if you have ISO and CE certificated

Softness and thickness are important for this product.

If it’s possible, one side with lines and one side with nothing. Please see the pictures.