cotton wool roll manufacturer

BSMed absorbent cotton with nonwoven advantages

Raw meterials which are high degree of bulkiness, neps less and fiber length longer are seleted to degrease.

Degreasing part: Impurity before the degrease once or twice, the choice of industrial water has reached the food level water. Boiled cake evenly, whiteness, water absorption are consistent and stable. Drying capacity and drying conditions are first in dustry.Needle detection system from raw materials to finished products to be three times.

cotton cleaning and carding:removal impurities thoroughly.cotton scraps are not recycled.

we build dust chamber to satisfy dust treatment.

There are several carding machines.Carding machine: carding, to make the impurities in the cotton more subtle, opening and scotching, removal ofimpurities to form nets.The square grame of cotton nets is soft and less the absorbent cotton with nonwoven is fluffy.

Weight = square grame * width * expansion length

Product volume = bottom area * high

The cotton square weight of non-woven cotton wool = total square grams of weight – non-woven square grams  (both sides)

6 kinds meterials of non-woven cotton rolls

cotton plain

100% cotton mesh

100% cotton plain mesh

viscose plain

viscose mesh

viscose plain mesh