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ask for Hygiene absorbent cotton final costs after freight and tax

looking for Hygiene and we strongly believe our company can help them in this task. See attached the products they are looking for.Would be perfect to have this quotation in our customer standard form that we also can see attached.

Name of  Product : Basic care cotton absorbent roll 25g

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Product type : Basic care cotton absorbent roll 25g

Conteúdo da embalagem entregue : Basic care cotton absorbent roll 25g

The image of the sample :

Basic + care cotton balls

Net weight : 25G

MATERIAL : 100%Cotton

Information :

Instructions for use     The absorbent cotton basic + care was carefully developed for the removal of makeup, nail polish, cosmetics, cleaning and care with the addition of bebÊ, among other uses.

Storage instructions : Store in a place clean, dry, cool and ventilated

Warnings / precautions : Keep out of the reach of children and domestic animals. The product is not sterile single use.

Material : Paper card packing

Size (wxhxd) cm. : 5,3 x 9 x 5,3 cm

Comments : box with lid 5,3×5,3 cm and flap for fitting the 0,3cm. The opening tab for coupling internal 2.4 cm. Internal flaps: the basis: 5.3 x height 2,4. The front, right side, left side, and the back of the pack, respectively. The bottom part of the container with batch and no details of the closing of the top, only whole glued flaps.

Responsible :Natalia Kopschitz Praxedes