cotton wool roll manufacturer

Microbiological testing program (BSMed sample cotton wool roll)

[Test Purpose]

According to the requirements of GB15979-2002, Baishun Medical provided samples of cotton wool roll for microbiological testing to determine whether the production of products meet the hygiene requirements of the microbial indicators.

[Experiment time]

June 13 – June 20

[Use equipment]

Triangle Bottle Bottle Autoclave Sterilization Plate Beaker Dispenser Water Bath Thermostat Incubator Fungal Incubator Precision Balance Clean Bench

[experimental method]

[Preparation of sample]
Weigh 10g samples, with sterile tweezers sampling set 200ml sterilized saline, dubbed 1:20 dilution.
In the clean bench with a disinfectant pipette (tip has been sterilized) from the dilution were drawn 1ml placed in three sterilized petri dish, into the sterilization and cooling to 40 ~ 50 ℃ tiger red Bangladesh Red medium and nutrient agar medium 15ml, mixed evenly to be solidified in the incubator in the inverted culture. The total number of colonies in the incubator incubator at 35 ℃ for 48h, mold, the total number of yeast into the fungus incubator at 25 ℃ 168h.