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Quotation list details for International Trade LTDA

The customer ,working for a medical supplies importer from South America.I have been doing  a lot of reach trying to find the best companies in order to import excellent quality products from China.I found that your company is very proffessional and works with high quality standards.

I have a list of products which i need quation,all of products are very import for our sales,now that they are our hot sale products.

Product                      FOB price     MOQ     Delivery time      Characteristics   Picture

Cotton Wool Roll 500g

Medical sterile gauze swabs 10×10 12p

Medical sterile gauze swabs 10×20  12p

cotton medical gauze bandage 6″

cotton medical gauze bandage 2″

cotton gauze balls 500gr -15mm

dental cotton roll 0.45gr 1000 units pack

Wooden cotton swab   x 1000 units